Installing new kitchen cabinets is an exciting project that will reinvent your home’s style while giving you the needed space to create many delicious meals. The design of the kitchen and your new cabinets streamwood il impacts the functionality of the workspace, however. As a result, it is important to choose the right height for your kitchen cabinets. Many factors impact the size best suited for your cabinets, including your needs, your style, the size and layout of the kitchen, etc. It is important to cover these factors before purchase so that you can buy with confidence.

Long ago, the standard height for a kitchen cabinet was 18″ from the countertop. This is no longer accurate, however, as times have changed as have styles and trends and many people are choosing to create unique spaces in their kitchen.  It is a popular trend to raise the cabinet to a minimum of 20″ above the countertop level, and sometimes, even higher. Again, this is dependent upon your needs, the available space, and other factors. The added height not only adds elegance to the space, but also makes installation of microwaves and other kitchen appliances much easier.

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It is easy to create a unique space by something as simple as raising the height on your cabinets, but this is not a project that is right for every person. When buying kitchen cabinets you certainly want to keep the height in mind as the purchase is made. You do not want to purchase cabinetry that will not suffice to your needs. The cabinets should fit your space and not cause overcrowding or appearance issues. Furthermore, if your family isn’t on the taller side, you may want to consider how you will access the cabinets if they’re installed at a taller height than normal.

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