It might be rare to have a combination of all three materials in the makeup of your new kitchen countertop, but just imagine how stylish and cool it could be. Of course, wood aspects will already be seen throughout the kitchen. There’s your kitchen cabinets for starters. Many of you may wish to remove the wood feel altogether as you lacquer your cupboards with a clinical white finish. It seems to compliment the marble nicely.

Or, what do you think? What do you use? Do you go for wood or marble? Or do you use both on the kitchen countertop. Do you use granite, or do you go for a combination of all three elements? A truly confident d├ęcor expert will probably welcome the challenge of all three materials and in the subtlest of ways, will blend it in. But a kitchen countertops st. louis expert will probably recommend that you go in for the granite.

You may have already frowned at the cost but compared to marble it is a whole lot cheaper. It has the advantage of the long term effect. It has the long-term advantage. Provided that you look after, use and maintain your kitchen countertop as instructed, it could last you a lifetime, and in pristine condition too. Although granite will be a force to be reckoned with where sharp knives and pots and pans are concerned, it’s not recommended that you go overboard.

kitchen countertops st. louis

Speaking of boards, it is still quite prudent that you continue utilizing your wooden chopping board during all cooking preparations. For that matter, you may as well use marble. Or a combination of all three, seeing that you are going to be looking after your counter. 

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