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When someone says ‘kitchen makeover’ you don’t have to run for the hills

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If you have ever thought about renovating your kitchen, you probably heard some horror stories and wanted to forget the idea altogether. At very least makeovers seem to take longer than they should but on a scale of 1 to disaster lateness doesn’t register.

Where to start

Before you even consider changing kitchen countertops st louis the best thing to do is work in the kitchen for a couple of months, especially if this is a new house.

Designers know how to make things look lovely, but ultimately the kitchen needs to be practical and work well for the person who spends the most time cooking. Get a feel for what does work, what doesn’t and how you like to cook.

Express what you want

If your dream is a pantry stick to your guns don’t be talked out of it. There will be a wall somewhere to put it. If you have your heart set on a wine fridge make sure there is a space for it. Also, make sure the wine fridge can sit under a countertop; the last thing you need is a warm spot on the granite.

Planning and discussion

Take the time to discuss your needs with the designer. They will have ideas and they will have seen other ways of doing things. This is not a contradiction to the above. If you want two sinks and the designer suggests one here, another there, that makes sense. But if they want one to makes it easier for the installer, dig your heels in.

kitchen countertops st louis

Lastly, don’t forget to state the budget and what it includes. You and your contractor are then on the same page money-wise and you avoid an expensive horror story.